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HANDS STAND WITH BIBLE made from olive wood

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These Praying Hands, 9.4" / 24cm high hige made from a real olive tree

A wonderful gift for your loved one from the Holy Land

This is a truly original gift  that will be preserved forever.

It made of olive wood that has been treated and dried for years.

The producer follows in the footsteps of her father, who inherited her talent from him and creates wonderful things from olive wood.



Betende Hände - is the origin name in German.

Are a pen-and-ink drawing by the German printmaker, painter and theorist Albrecht Dürer

Dürer's drawing shows two male hands palm to palm praying.

The narrative regarding the origin of his drawing is as following:

Back in the fifteenth century, in a tiny village near Nuremberg, lived a family with eighteen children. Eighteen! A starving family.

Despite their seemingly hopeless condition, two of Albrecht Durer the Elder's children had a dream. They both wanted to pursue their talent for art but it was impossible.

After many long discussions the 2 would toss a coin. The loser would go down into the nearby mines and, with his earnings, support his brother while he attended the academy.

Then, when that brother who won the toss completed his studies, in four years, he would support the other brother at the academy, either with sales of his artwork or, if necessary, also by laboring in the mines.

Albrecht Durer won the toss and went off to Nuremberg. Albert went down into the dangerous mines and, for the next four years,  Albrecht's etchings, his woodcuts, and his oils were far better than those of most of his professors, and by the time he graduated, he was beginning to earn considerable fees for his commissioned works.

Albrecht was about to fulfill his ambition. His closing words were, "And now, Albert, blessed brother of mine, now it is your turn.

Now you can go to Nuremberg to pursue your dream, and I will take care of you."

All heads turned in eager expectation to the far end of the table where Albert sat, tears streaming down his pale face, shaking his lowered head from side to side while he sobbed and repeated, over and over, "No"

Finally, Albert rose and wiped the tears from his cheeks. He glanced down the long table at the faces he loved, and then, holding his hands close to his right cheek, he said softly, "No, brother. I cannot go to Nuremberg. It is too late for me. Look ... look what four years in the mines have done to my hands!

The bones in every finger have been smashed at least once.


One day, to pay homage to Albert for all that he had sacrificed, Albrecht Durer painstakingly drew his brother's abused hands with palms together and thin fingers stretched skyward. He called his powerful drawing simply "Hands," but the entire world almost immediately opened their hearts to his great masterpiece and renamed his tribute of love "The Praying Hands."

 Olive Wood
The olive tree is a “protected” tree in Israel and therefore it is allowed to cut only its branches. 
Once the branches are cut – they are left to go under the process of natural drying for a period of 5-7 years. 
Only then it is possible to work with so that its natural shades and grains are not damaged, because the olive tree is alive.

"His branches shall spread, and his beauty shall be as the olive tree" Hosea xiv, 7

The olive tree has always symbolized the glory, splendor and the very roots of both Judaism and Christianity.

This unique product was created by the Halamit factory's best designers, and artistically hand crafted.

The product is made of olive wood, from a tree that has been growing in the Holy Land for hundreds of years. The wood has undergone a natural, five year drying process, which ensures its eternal stability.

The great age of the tree lends the wood its naturally artistic forms.

A close study of the wood's natural grain affords a glimpse of the rich history of the Holy Land from whence it sprang.

We are very proud of the product's elegant design and we are sure that you will derive great pleasure from it.

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